Our Story

Ever had the dilemma of having so many things in your closet but not knowing which ones to use? Ever looked at all your clothes and realized you needed an overhaul — and then realizing that that is just not possible? Ever feel like you’ve been wearing the same thing over and over again?

That was where Lila & Piper all began.

Lila & Piper is a brand that aims to provide all the details that you have been missing in your daily outfit. We want you to stand out and use your creativity to reshuffle your old wardrobe and make everything feel like new, without having to do an overhaul. We provide a wide range of accessories that are essential to make any look be a head-turner.

Lila & Piper products are a thoroughly curated lineup of beautiful, versatile, and double take-worthy designs of accessories throughout the globe. With a team of stylists and fashion forward individuals, Lila & Piper only boasts the most meticulously picked items that will be the highlight of your outfits and looks.


Frequently Asked Questions

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  3. How can I return or exchange the product I bought?